Monday, February 22, 2010

Chicken Junior vs McChicken

Sunday night, I was comming back from a short poker sessions at John’s Palace when I decied to pass by a good ol Mickie D’s for an after-grinding delight.

The staff was obvioulsy new and uprepared for the usual sunday night rush. A total of 7 cars were in line at the drive through, there was also about 5 to 8 people waiting inside. My order was simple, a Big Mac meal with a supper sized fries. Unfortunatly simple doesnt mean easy for an unexperienced mcdonals employee as I ended up getting a McChcken meal with no suppersized fries.

Since I never complain, I had to try it. I ended up realising how discussting the Chicken Junior was compared to the McChicken burger. First of all the McChicken is way more crunchy and the sauce taste better also. I was supprise to find some letucce in it.

 In conclusion, the quality of the meat make all the diffrence in a sandwish and this comparison make a good example of it.
Have a nice week !