Thursday, October 7, 2010

Born To Lose

Despite the fact that I put a lot of effort into Bonzini those days, I still can’t manage to get the results I’m hoping for. And this isn’t only on Bonzini or not only at Foosball. I'm basically a loser...

I can never achieve top, here is a list of my past results :

September 14 2010 Weekly Open Double Garlando - Second place
September 29 2010 Weekly DYP Bonzini - Second place
October 3 2010 Weekly Open Single Bonzini - Second place
October 6 2010 Weekly DYP Bonzini - Second place

That is 4 second places in the span of 2 weeks! Geez, what is wrong with me? Maybe I should keep my energy-wasting sure shots for the important matches? Maybe I should rest while not playing instead of practicing. Maybe I should stop drinking during tourneys? Or maybe I should keep drinking instead of stopping when things get serious.

I know I could see it the good way and be happy with my current results. It is true that I made some progress... I went from struggling to qualify into fighting for first place. My guideline for life has always been: be the best or choke like the rest. And the way I feel about this whole thing is very well described by the fallowing song lyrics from Nelly  : "...because two is not a winner and three nobody remember" And it is very true. I have no glory in saying : "I almost won yesterday" or "we lost to X in finals"... those are loosers words in my opinion...

Like all the time, I will keep on working on my foosball skills and will hopefully get better results next week.

Until then, ok..Ya..See ya!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Arghhh, this freaking table... The more I play it the less good i'm getting. This is non-sense. This weekend at the ITSF Bonzini tournament, I played bad, real bad. At first, during practice, my push shot seemed on point. I lost all my single matches, not like I was ever any good in singles but still I was expecting a better performance. Here is the summary of my singles matches

Open Double

JP : won first game 5-3 then lost 4-5 and 3-5
Julie Mattews : lost game 1 2-5 won game 2 and lost game 3 in deuces...

After that I was pumped... Two close games mean that Expert Singles are going to be easier (I did not register for Amateur Single)
First game I play agaisnt this guy who does backpin from the front... won game one, lost game two and three... sadly i'm getting used to this pattern... After that, I played a girl in the loser pool, I was able to win game one again but she started doing "push-cut frontpins" wich killed me. I was supprised on how well she was able to pull this shot constantly...

I'm not a really good goaler and also, I don't consider single to be my best match so I was really looking forward to play doubles. I was with my friend Julien who can pretty much lock down everyone as long as he feels like it. We played 3 doubles matches saturday night and got scheduled to continue the next day at 10am. Unfortunalty for most of my friends, including Julien, Saturday's are meant for party... Next thing you know we are disqualified from all the events for not being there on time... Yay! great way to waste money...

A lot would give up on this table at this point but not me, not after all the energie I spent on the table. I will play twice more on it from now on. My goal is 3 hours of practice per week. Starting with my Push shot.

Ill keep y'all posted!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Yup my favorite hang out bar finally bought a second table, a freaking bonzini!! This is really awesome since having two diffrent tables will provide us the ability to train on a totally diffrent table. Here is a pic taken yesterday :

How great the bar looks now? Multiple tables, multiple playstly, multiple possibilities!!!

I am really busy today so I will cut this short, this weekend is the big ITSF sanctionned Bonzini tournament starting tonight with a DYP. Wish me good luck!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stop, Drop, KABOOM!

I'm using this Ludacris quote as a title for this quick update because I feel like it and its the song playing at the moment. The Garlando league draft didnt go as planned, they didnt have enough players on the draft!!! Long story short they decided to put me with Nath, Albert and Chris since Julien's team would of been too strong with me in it (lol). I take that as a compliment I guess... They just dont know that the synergie I have with the team they gave me is as good if not better.
As for tonight, there is the Weekly Bonzini tournament. I'm having issue finding a partner again :X I might have to dig into my directory of Garlando players.

Also id like to wish good luck to my buddy Pokinstar who is playing one of the last events of the WCOOP on PokerStars. GET EM BRO!

More update to come....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foosball League Draft

So tonihgt is the draft for this Montreal Garlando Foosball league. I played it 3 years and this might be my 4th. The format of the draft is really simple and stupid at the same time, teams of 4 with 2 force pick and a draftie. I totaly dissagree with this but now is not the time to complain(ill explain later why).

I did a pretty stupid move by refusing my friend Julien invitation to join his team. He was last year's best player and his team won most of the trophies. On top of that I would be with Thomas, a firend of mine that I get along with very well in and outside of the game. But why the F did I refuse this "auto-win"/"win-win" opportunity? My reasons were that I didnt want to risk having a really bad player that doesnt want to learn, the kind of player that is only there to have fun and will fail as soon as it gets serious. I get really competitive considering it cost us alot in time and money (11$ per week!).

There is still HOPE!!  Oh yes there is, I might lose alot in the process but i'm willing to take the risk. Let me explain, according to thier forum, there are 8 official teams so far :

Felix,Sebastien P,David S...
Dercio,Bruno,Sandro G....

Julien is definatly my first choice, if they can pick me im good. Nathalie is also a good choice since they are all my friends as well. Now with the others:

Vicky : I know most of them I would have my spot on Offence, could be good.
Jp : I'm not a big fan of thier play style, I dont think I would fit well.
Marc: Steph is a friend but they don't like me in general, they are Forward players so I would have to play D wich is not what I want.
Denis : They are a good team but I would still have to play D so no go...
Felix : Another team I would consider, I like thier playstyle and I would mostly play Offense.
Dercio : Derce is a good friend of mine but they seem like they just want to have fun and not play to win, definatly a no go.

I will probably have to go with whoever pick me but I will do everything I can to not get picked by a team that I don't want to play with. I will be one of the only semi-pro in the draft so the order will be an important factor here.

Again, there are ways to force myself into the team that I want but, after a talk with Julien and Thomas, the best option would be to stay legit and assume the decision. After all, I can just leave the league if I really don't like it. My team would have the opportunity to bring one of thier friends in. Basicly a win-win situation for everyone.
So i'm in stress mode until tonight, wich me good luck :D


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonzini, Bonz, BZI

So Yeah, its been a long time since my last post... wich was probably at my last blog ( I could say that I was too busy moving into my new appartment but that would be lieing. My appartment has been messy since day 1 and it is surely not getting enough attention from me...

Since the Multi-Table tournament, I was hooked on this table called Bonzini, the slow paced strategic gameplay amazed me. The problem is, it is the most dificult table to convert to since it is played the oposite of every other table. Per examble, to bursh pass, the ball should be placed toward the front of the player wich is the complete oposite of what you need to do for every other tables!!!

That chalenge didnt stop me from trying to master this table, I bought one and went to every single weekly tournament of it. It ended up paying yesterday as I won my first tournament wich was hosted at YerMad in downtown Montreal. A nice little bar, this is the view I had from outside :

Pretty neat right? Being able to smoke while watching a match was awesome and for the organizer, they didnt have to run alot to find players.

Aside form all that, I uploaded some new video to my YouTube channel ( and will start uploading MTG games with commentary.

See Ya!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazyness at his best!

Why does getting a new appartment is such a big deal? I understand i’m going to be living inside someone elses bulding, and the owner will do as much as they can to make sure they have people who will pay on time and not trash the whole place BUT why do WE have to provide them the info?
They are loooking to fill thier empty appartement so THEY should be doing thier own research. Here is where im standing in front the the whole process :

1 : I dont want to meet you. I want an appartment not a friend.
2 : I dont want to provide you any info on my income and/or past. Do your own research I have nothing to prove.
3 : Don’t get chatty while I visit the damn place. Awnser my questions so we can both GTFO ASAP.
4 : Get in 2010 and accept bank-to-bank wired transfert. Cash only payments are so inconvienient…

I wouldnt mind paying an extra 100$ on the first payment just so I dont get to deal with all the usual crap. I can already hear people tell me “you are not an exception, we all been throught that … bla bla bla” just let me rant while im in the process.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yeah so I decided to leave wordpress for the Blogger platform, which seems to suit my needs alot better. I will now try to post twice a week. The topics won't changes, MTG, Geek stuff, Fast Foot and Foosballs are still my main interest as well as the main subject and purpose of this blog.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chicken Junior vs McChicken

Sunday night, I was comming back from a short poker sessions at John’s Palace when I decied to pass by a good ol Mickie D’s for an after-grinding delight.

The staff was obvioulsy new and uprepared for the usual sunday night rush. A total of 7 cars were in line at the drive through, there was also about 5 to 8 people waiting inside. My order was simple, a Big Mac meal with a supper sized fries. Unfortunatly simple doesnt mean easy for an unexperienced mcdonals employee as I ended up getting a McChcken meal with no suppersized fries.

Since I never complain, I had to try it. I ended up realising how discussting the Chicken Junior was compared to the McChicken burger. First of all the McChicken is way more crunchy and the sauce taste better also. I was supprise to find some letucce in it.

 In conclusion, the quality of the meat make all the diffrence in a sandwish and this comparison make a good example of it.
Have a nice week !