Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazyness at his best!

Why does getting a new appartment is such a big deal? I understand i’m going to be living inside someone elses bulding, and the owner will do as much as they can to make sure they have people who will pay on time and not trash the whole place BUT why do WE have to provide them the info?
They are loooking to fill thier empty appartement so THEY should be doing thier own research. Here is where im standing in front the the whole process :

1 : I dont want to meet you. I want an appartment not a friend.
2 : I dont want to provide you any info on my income and/or past. Do your own research I have nothing to prove.
3 : Don’t get chatty while I visit the damn place. Awnser my questions so we can both GTFO ASAP.
4 : Get in 2010 and accept bank-to-bank wired transfert. Cash only payments are so inconvienient…

I wouldnt mind paying an extra 100$ on the first payment just so I dont get to deal with all the usual crap. I can already hear people tell me “you are not an exception, we all been throught that … bla bla bla” just let me rant while im in the process.


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