Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stop, Drop, KABOOM!

I'm using this Ludacris quote as a title for this quick update because I feel like it and its the song playing at the moment. The Garlando league draft didnt go as planned, they didnt have enough players on the draft!!! Long story short they decided to put me with Nath, Albert and Chris since Julien's team would of been too strong with me in it (lol). I take that as a compliment I guess... They just dont know that the synergie I have with the team they gave me is as good if not better.
As for tonight, there is the Weekly Bonzini tournament. I'm having issue finding a partner again :X I might have to dig into my directory of Garlando players.

Also id like to wish good luck to my buddy Pokinstar who is playing one of the last events of the WCOOP on PokerStars. GET EM BRO!

More update to come....

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  1. Tomorrow is the day where we separate the runner-ups from the top dogs !! hehehe