Monday, September 27, 2010


Arghhh, this freaking table... The more I play it the less good i'm getting. This is non-sense. This weekend at the ITSF Bonzini tournament, I played bad, real bad. At first, during practice, my push shot seemed on point. I lost all my single matches, not like I was ever any good in singles but still I was expecting a better performance. Here is the summary of my singles matches

Open Double

JP : won first game 5-3 then lost 4-5 and 3-5
Julie Mattews : lost game 1 2-5 won game 2 and lost game 3 in deuces...

After that I was pumped... Two close games mean that Expert Singles are going to be easier (I did not register for Amateur Single)
First game I play agaisnt this guy who does backpin from the front... won game one, lost game two and three... sadly i'm getting used to this pattern... After that, I played a girl in the loser pool, I was able to win game one again but she started doing "push-cut frontpins" wich killed me. I was supprised on how well she was able to pull this shot constantly...

I'm not a really good goaler and also, I don't consider single to be my best match so I was really looking forward to play doubles. I was with my friend Julien who can pretty much lock down everyone as long as he feels like it. We played 3 doubles matches saturday night and got scheduled to continue the next day at 10am. Unfortunalty for most of my friends, including Julien, Saturday's are meant for party... Next thing you know we are disqualified from all the events for not being there on time... Yay! great way to waste money...

A lot would give up on this table at this point but not me, not after all the energie I spent on the table. I will play twice more on it from now on. My goal is 3 hours of practice per week. Starting with my Push shot.

Ill keep y'all posted!

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