Thursday, October 7, 2010

Born To Lose

Despite the fact that I put a lot of effort into Bonzini those days, I still can’t manage to get the results I’m hoping for. And this isn’t only on Bonzini or not only at Foosball. I'm basically a loser...

I can never achieve top, here is a list of my past results :

September 14 2010 Weekly Open Double Garlando - Second place
September 29 2010 Weekly DYP Bonzini - Second place
October 3 2010 Weekly Open Single Bonzini - Second place
October 6 2010 Weekly DYP Bonzini - Second place

That is 4 second places in the span of 2 weeks! Geez, what is wrong with me? Maybe I should keep my energy-wasting sure shots for the important matches? Maybe I should rest while not playing instead of practicing. Maybe I should stop drinking during tourneys? Or maybe I should keep drinking instead of stopping when things get serious.

I know I could see it the good way and be happy with my current results. It is true that I made some progress... I went from struggling to qualify into fighting for first place. My guideline for life has always been: be the best or choke like the rest. And the way I feel about this whole thing is very well described by the fallowing song lyrics from Nelly  : "...because two is not a winner and three nobody remember" And it is very true. I have no glory in saying : "I almost won yesterday" or "we lost to X in finals"... those are loosers words in my opinion...

Like all the time, I will keep on working on my foosball skills and will hopefully get better results next week.

Until then, ok..Ya..See ya!