Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonzini, Bonz, BZI

So Yeah, its been a long time since my last post... wich was probably at my last blog ( I could say that I was too busy moving into my new appartment but that would be lieing. My appartment has been messy since day 1 and it is surely not getting enough attention from me...

Since the Multi-Table tournament, I was hooked on this table called Bonzini, the slow paced strategic gameplay amazed me. The problem is, it is the most dificult table to convert to since it is played the oposite of every other table. Per examble, to bursh pass, the ball should be placed toward the front of the player wich is the complete oposite of what you need to do for every other tables!!!

That chalenge didnt stop me from trying to master this table, I bought one and went to every single weekly tournament of it. It ended up paying yesterday as I won my first tournament wich was hosted at YerMad in downtown Montreal. A nice little bar, this is the view I had from outside :

Pretty neat right? Being able to smoke while watching a match was awesome and for the organizer, they didnt have to run alot to find players.

Aside form all that, I uploaded some new video to my YouTube channel ( and will start uploading MTG games with commentary.

See Ya!

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